About Me

Welcome! thanks for visiting my website. My name is Sangita Chauhan and I’m an audiobook narrator, voice over artist, and singer.

Whether you’re a new author looking to make their first foray into audiobooks, or a local business wanting to get a radio advert produced, I can help.

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Although I started as a singer, I soon became interested in using my voice for different sort of projects. When I discovered Amazon’s Audiobook production branch (ACX), I eagerly took the opportunity to audition. I taught myself to use software packages like Audacity and Wavepad to edit my audio files. Slowly, I started getting offers from Authors to narrate their books and I never looked back.

My audiobook business had grown tremendously since then; by now I’ve narrated over 500 books across various genres (browse my Audiobooks). I particularly like to devote my time to non-fiction titles as I am very interested in reading and learning at the same time!

I really love what I do as I can choose which books I wish to narrate and specifically audition for them, so it’s a very rewarding profession. Over time I have developed relationships with many talented authors.

Browse a full overview of my services here, or feel free to get in touch to discuss your upcoming audio project.